About Jamie

Jamie Luner

As young as 3 years old, I had a passion for the arts and felt pure joy when my enthusiastic performances would make people smile. That is how early the camera found me and when I learned to share emotion and life through a lens. I have been blessed to have graced the screens of television and movies over my life. Over 20 films and 8 Series including the iconic Melrose Place have filled my days and years with the opportunity to touch others in the warmth of their homes.


As life unfolds, nothing becomes clearer than the lasting impression of sharing things you hold dear. It could be a story. An annual tradition. It’s those cherished “Nuggets of Goodness” in life that live eternally in both our memories and those with whom they have been experienced.

When I think of moments I loved the most, I always think back to the times I had with my family during the holiday season. I vividly recall the sweetness of the treats that would come to life during our celebrations. The smells and the luxurious tastes would overflow in our kitchen. These experiences made an indelible impression on my heart and defined the foundation of an experience I want to share with you.

Nuggets of Goodness are a piece of me – a piece of my family – and a piece of tradition. The tantalizing family recipe that I share with you here will bring you a little closer to the happiness that I’ve enjoyed in my life.


In celebration of the beloved classic favorite pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, Nuggets of Goodness are handmade with the finest ingredients available. The perfect balance of ultra-premium dark chocolate, rich and nutty peanut butter and the airy-textures of light krisps transports you with the sense of sheer indulgence, luxury, and joy.

The peak of perfection isn’t easily reached, and going the “extra mile” isn’t always sufficient. We’ve made sure that your box of Nuggets of Goodness are freshly made and beautifully packaged for a simply stunning presentation.


We believe that everyone has a unique ability to change lives for the better. For us, Nuggets of Goodness was going to be our vehicle for creating change. We committed to the pledge of changing lives when we founded this company and selected The Unstoppable Foundation as our charity.

To that end, a portion of each sale is donated directly to The Unstoppable Foundation. This is our commitment. This is our promise. This is our way to serve and give back. So, while our “Nuggets of Goodness” certainly taste amazing, your decision to buy them also helps to serve a greater purpose.

The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone. They help entire communities secure access to clean water, sanitation, food, nutrition, healthcare and alternative income training for parents.


The artistry of creating this gourmet confection means everything to me. I hope that you find every Nugget of Goodness delicious and that you revel in the unique experience again and again. As you delight in these treats, know that we are both bound together - and together we’re changing lives.

I thank you for taking part in my life and letting me share “Nuggets of Goodness” with you.

Jamie Luner